MRI systems save lives.
Let us save your business.
Reliable cooling for MRI systems.

We develop the right cooling solution for your individual application. Markets are constantly changing, and we know your industry is facing major challenges. You have to respond quickly and dynamically. With more than 50 years of experience in cooling technology, we have what it takes to master every challenge together with you. We develop and produce cooling solutions for medical storage, laboratories and analysis. But specifically designed for diagnostic imaging applications.


for maximum availability




System integration
(for cabinet cooling solution)


years of experience
in the global development
of cooling systems

Convenient operation of the chiller from the control room.

This module provides an alternative water supply for the helium compressor via tap water or alternative cooling water sources. Ideal for maintenance work, for example.

Solids from the cooling circuit are effectively filtered out.

The optional energy-saving module makes it possible to dispense with active cooling at appropriately low ambient temperatures, achieving the best possible efficiency in the cooling application. Operating costs are significantly reduced at the same time.

  • Refrigeration capacities. From 49 to 70 kW.
  • Max. uptime. High reliability and stability up to 100%.
  • 48dB. Quiet MC chiller operation
  • -37 ⁰C to +55 ⁰C. For harsh climatic conditions

Anti-vibration kit. The elastic mounting of the cooling unit prevents disruptive mechanical vibrations from being transmitted to the building or the installation surface.

Glycol-water mixture. Ideal refrigerant fluid for use in the temperature range of -37 °C to + 55 °C.

  • IEC60601. Certification for system separator and control cabinet cooling.
  • Nr. 1. Global market leader for system separators in MRI technology.

Helium is valuable and its replacement is complex and expensive.
The MC Chiller ensures permanent, continuous cooling of the helium compressor. Our cooling solutions are maximally fail-safe.

MC Chiller series:

In these segments, we already provide high precision cooling:

Medical storage
Patient cooling

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Maximum Uptime.
Maximum Cost Efficiency.



Interruption of operation.



Repair work.



Cooling failure.

Fewer subsequent costs due to cooling failure. Cooling failures can quickly become expensive and massively affect the ongoing operation of a hospital or a doctor´s office. High-precision cooling solutions from the market leader Riedel Kooling prevent this from happening. Our cooling solutions are maximally fail-safe.

MC Chiller APAC series:


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Kool°S | SC series.
Ready to-plug-in universal solution.

The Kool°S and SC series provides precise, economical cooling for a wide range of processes. The unit is extremely versatile and compact. The devices are equipped with a tank and pump and can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the machine to be cooled.

All our chiller systems are compact, factory-assembled cooling units suitable for an immense range of industrial applications. If the Kool°S and SC models are not sufficient for your application, we offer low-cost and reproducible adaptations based on the series device.

We are market leaders.

Leading medical technology manufacturers worldwide rely on cooling systems from Riedel Kooling. This is because we are the number 1 in MRI technology system separators. We have been developing and producing intelligent cooling systems for your specific needs for more than 50 years. All of our cooling units meet German quality standards.

Overview of our added value:

Precisely developed for your individual application
50+ years experience
24/7 service hotline
Fully certified: IEC60601 for the system separator and cabinet cooling solution
100 % system integration (for cabinet cooling solution)