Sometimes we build something
bigger than ourselves.
How? Let’s take a look.

Modern medical technology saves lives. Diagnostic procedures, such as magnetic resonance imaging, grant fascinating insights into the body, provided the MRI scanner is fitted with safe, precise cooling.

The challenge.

Our customer had bought cooling systems from different manufacturers in the past, which had been installed by a great many different local service providers. The result was complicated processes, frequent standstills and repairs, leading not just to hassle, but also impairing the company’s reputation.

The Riedel Kooling Solution.

Due to the complex nature of the problem, Riedel Kooling was contacted via one of our premium service partners. We had a made-to-measure high end cooling system, which had undergone ideal development for customised applications. All of the components of the MC chiller are perfectly adapted to each other and the custom-fit partner for superconducting MRI systems. They cool the helium compressor, which chills the centrepiece of the system down to minus 269 degrees.

Our success.

The MC chillers from Riedel Kooling now installed at our customer are especially energy-efficient and reliable. They are available in four versions with cooling performance from 49 to 70 kW. An ESS unit for free cooling at low ambient temperatures ensures maximum energy efficiency and ideal operating conditions. It exploits the low ambient air, thus lowering the operating costs. Moreover, our developers set special store by high fail safety and cooling within narrow tolerance limits.

We master more than MRI-applications.
Let’s take a look at one of our innovative cooling concepts!

Precise cooling with simultaneous use of waste heat. With Riedel Kooling products, energy can be converted and used efficiently in integrated system solutions.

Riedel Kooling offers high-performance chiller systems that guarantee optimal and perfect operation of modern diagnostic devices in medical facilities as well as efficient heat pump systems that can both heat and cool.

The waste heat from the imaging diagnostic device and air-conditioning is transferred using a heat pump and can be used to heat rooms and for domestic hot water preparation.